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My name is Chiara, I was born in Milan, Italy, and lived there until 2014, when my life has reached a significant change, year in which I have moved to Greece, in Naxos island.
The passion for artistic creations has followed me for several years now, starting with decorations realised with mosaic tiles moving to new painting techniques on canvas, using acrylic colours, chalk, stucco, sand, crackle, materic paste, stencils, glitters, aging effects etc., trying to impress on canvas modern designs, vintage style, shabby chic.
The inspiration comes out from the naturalist context that every day satisfies my sight, the changing nature, the colours, the perfumes, in short, the striking island where I live: Naxos.

Endless colours, sizes and styles for your house, your hotel, your office.

For information: info@kiaraartworks.com
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